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Higher Capacity EIR SPC Flooring Production Line (Super Conical Extruder)


Introduction of the SPC flooring machine

1. SPC floor structure: UV protection layer; Wear layer; Printed film; SPC core; Anti-slippery underlayment; Shock absorption underlayment.

2. SPC flooring density: 1.9-2.1g/cm³.

3. Dimentional stability: ≤ 0.15%(80℃,6H)

4. Main ingredients: PVC+CaCO3+Processing accessory ingredien

5. Equipments of  spc flooring production line: extruder, mold, calender, oil temperature controller, traction machine, cutting machine, automatic stacker, roller conveyor.


Advantages of super parallel twin screw extrusion line for SPC flooring


1. Higher capacity: 40 ton per day, more effctive

2. screw and barrel with special structure.

3. Lower energy consumption , over 20% compared to normal conical twin -screw extruder.